Because life doesn’t stop for your makeup. Our products can keep up. From the gym to the unexpected rain, we’ve got you covered witha waterproof look.


We’re longer lasting than the average. Our products won’t come offuntil you take them off. We stick with you throughout the day(and the night, in some cases).


We’re completely waterproof, and that means we won’t smudge either.You want an eyeliner that’s crisp, and we look fresh from start tofinish—every single day.


Maybe you don’t follow a vegan diet, but you probably don’t wantanimal products that close to your face. We use quality ingredients youcan count on, and they’re all vegan.

Paraben Free

Parabens are chemical preservatives, and they can wreak havocon your body AND your skin. We’re certified paraben-free,so you never have to worry.

Cruelty Free

We use the finest quality ingredients that won’t harm you—or yourfurry friends. All of our products are completely cruelty-free.


All of our products are made in Korea and follow the traditionalK-Beauty style. That means, everything is clean and free from harsh,chemical ingredients.

Dual Eyeliner

The typical eyeliner only contains 0.03 milligrams of product. However, our Liquid Dual Eye Liner contains twicethe amount of product.


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