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Erica Mitchell
High quality liquid dual eye liner!

I absolutely love the liquid dual eyeliner. This eye liner comes with two different tips, a felt and a brush. Both tips are sharp and allow for a smooth and precise application. In addition, this product is water proof and does not smudge around your eyes as the day goes on. I have worn this eye liner 12+ hours and was not disappointed by the appearance at the end of the day. The company was fast and efficient with shipping and the product was packaged beautifully. I have seen a difference in my makeup after using this product and was never disappointed. I highly recommend it!

Best liquid eye liner EVER!

Liquid Eye liner always scared me, tried it in the past and was never a fit for me.

With the LuminaGlow dual eye liner was absolutely easy and fast to apply, making me comfortable to use it again... and by again I mean EVERY DAY!

Dries in seconds so no smudging and you have the most perfect line!

100% recommend, I think I found might my new best friend! 💕

My favorite eyeliner

The eyeliner is soft and creamy and glides on smoothly. So easy to apply. Totally recommend to everyone who uses eyeliner.

Best eyeliner ever

I don’t write reviews when I use something most of the times but tbh, I really am in love with this product. It’s so easy to draw eyeliner with that

Brittany Sterns
Free flowing

I was scared to use liquid eyeliner but this eyeliner was so easy. I was able to keep a thin line. The flow of the liner makes it easy for newbies. Not to mention it has not rubbed off yet and we are to the end of the work day

Pauline Morgalo
Smooth, easy to apply

I have been waiting for this to come in for a very long while and it finally came in today. I like the smooth application and the coverage is perfect. It stays on all day without fading. I highly definitely recommend indefinitely will purchase again. The video is awful but it shows how easy it is to apply I did it without my glasses or contacts it was a little bit more difficult for me to see what I was doing


I am a makeup artist and I have tried many products, I love the lumina glow liner for 3 reasons:
1. Easy application
2. Long-lasting/ you can wear it all day!
3. VEGAN! Which is very hard to find


Smooth application

By far my favorite eyeliner. I can always make the perfect cat eye with this liner. I really appreciate that it's vegan and cruelty free. I'm a loyal customer for life!

Julieta Salas

This eyeliner lasted the whole day without transferring onto my oily eyelids. Even when taking off my lashes the liner stay intact. Totally recommend!
@makeupby_julieta on Instagram

Easy to apply

This liner is really nice. It has two different tips, a felt and a brush. Depending on the look that I am going for, I can use a different tip. It goes on well and dried quick. It lasts all day until I washed it off. This is a nice liner that is easy to use and will last for hours.

Love this liner!

After trying out this liner for a couple weeks now, I can say that I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality. It is so easy to apply and and allows me to make very precise wings(even as someone who isnt great at liner). My favorite thing about it is that it lasts all days with no smudges and fading! Definitely recommend this liner, it’s my new go-to!

Katrina Weed
Love it!

I love my new liquid dual eyeliner! It’s easy to apply, you can get a lot of different looks with this one liner. I was able to get a really clean, fine line for my cat eye with the pen side, and the brush side is great for the bottom lashes or for a softer look. Definitely a must have item!

Great product!

This is a dual eyeliner. So if you want a thin or thick line it is for you. If you mess up it removes easily but once it dries you have a great waterproof/ smudge proof look.

Michelle Briner
Best Eyeliner Ever

Lumina Glow Eyeliner really checks off all the boxes it says it'll do! Which is everything you'd want in an eyeliner! ✅ Longwear and I do mean looooongweear. Day and night, no need for touch ups! ✅ Waterproof and ✅smudge proof! Stuck in the rain, crying, allergies this eyeliner won't budge! Even those moments you forget you're wearing eyeliner and rub your eyes not a problem! Made safe! ✅ Paraben free, ✅ cruelty free and ✅ vegan! No harsh chemicals, this is a ✅ K Beauty product! Also it's a duel eyeliner! Glides on smooth and precise! Definitely on point, I can go for subtle or bold!

Karla Moreno
Love it!

Loving this felt tip eyeliner. It’s perfect. Literally lasted me all day! I’m obsessed!

Tiffanni Price
Love it!

Currently my everyday right now because it actually holds up pretty well. Plus there's 2 dudes one that works well on top and a thinner line ok ne for the bottom. Would really recommend because it does pretty well for me and I'm pretty picky.

Bridget Body
Lumina is the competition!

First usage, I used the felt side on one eye and the brush side on the other one so I could compare application and appearance. The felt side pretty much applies like any other felt tip liner and I think it would have applied better if the tip wasn't so narrow and pointed. Still looks good. The brush side? I loved application with the brush side!!! It was easy to apply with minimal errors and it looked so unintentional. I will definitely be adding Lumina to my summer looks.

Shannon Bratton

I am obsessed with this eye liner! It lasted ALL DAY LONG with no smudges. Love that it is 100% clean and paraben-free. Doesn't get any better than this!

Vegan, chemical free, precise eyeliner!

This is a dual headed, vegan, cruelty-free, chemical free eyeliner that is precise and has staying power! Highly recommend!

Audrey Haulbrook
My new favorite eyeliner!

I absolutely love LuminaGlow liquid dual eyeliner! It’s long lasting and so easy to apply! This is my new favorite eyeliner!

Kaitlyn Rodriguez
My new go to! It’s a must buy!!✨

Love the pigment of this eyeliner! I am a creature of habit and have stuck to one liner since high school, but I am seriously sold on this! Definitely a new favorite. Not only a clean product, but very precise clean lines can be done!

Catherine Grassel
Works well! Would recommend!

I’ve enjoyed using the Luminaglow Liquid Dual Eye Liner. I‘m seeing a trend lately with K-Beauty extending to make-up, not just skincare. K-Beauty is known for clean ingredients, with no harsh chemicals. I appreciate that the product is vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. The product is also waterproof, long lasting and smudge proof! I'm liking the eye liner pens (that’s what I call them) more and more. I'm a liquid liner gal, but these marker-like tipped pens are easier. My mom is clumsy with liquid liner, so I think this would work better for her. I've never seen two tips on a product like this. After trying both tips out, the brush tip is more of a thicker smoky look and the felt tip is more precise. Both look good, it just depends which look you are going for. I think this product is superior in some ways to other products that I have tried. I like the dual tip options. It’s easier than liquid liner. The results are better than pencil liner. It has attractive packaging. It looks and feels upscale. I think the $28.50 price is reasonable. Would recommend!

Great Eyeliner!!

This eyeliner is well worth the price. It is not only dual-sided, but it works well. Your can draw your line thin or thick and end up with a lovely end result. It really does stay in place all day long and did not cause my eyes any irritation, due to the better ingredients used.

Love the product 😍

I was in Cabo last week, used it every single day and it really lasts all day, my favorite eyeliner so far❤️❤️

Tiffanni Price
Good quality!

Love this eyeliner. I'm always on the go and very active so I needed an eyeliner to keep up...and I definitely met my match. Has two usable ends which includes a thicker line and the other ends a thinner line. I like to use the smaller end for my bottom line and then I use the bigger one for the too if I'm making cat eyes or whatnot. It did last all day but not as strong as I would like. It was on at the end of the day but not like earlier. A nice eyeliner to try if your shopping around.


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